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Breast Massage

Most women experience breast tenderness or pain some time during their life. This might be from breast disease, injury, premenstrual symptoms, such as tenderness and swelling, or following surgical procedures, such as reductions and biopsies. Skin Cosmedical Beauty is proud to offer Décolleté massage treatments designed to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation to the breast. Better blood flow nourishes tissues while improved lymphatic flow and helps to rid the body of toxins, decrease pain and tenderness and/or improve the mobility of scar tissue.

Décolleté breast massage can also help to increase the circulation in your breasts and decreases the symptoms of PMS, menopause and menstrual cramps, help relieve post-surgical symptoms, and reduce discomfort from pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning. Breast massage also contributes to improved skin tone while promoting relaxation and balancing of energy.

Breasts can be effectively massaged by a professional massage therapist. Gentle hands-on techniques, with breast either uncovered or lightly draped, will help enhance circulation and drainage. The focus of this treatment is to improve the overall function and health of your breasts. We incorporate compresses and specific breast massage procedures into this treatment. If you experience breast tightness/pain, premenstrual swelling and tenderness, or have sustained injury to your breast and/or chest, this is the treatment for you.