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Electro Stimulation Body Drainage/Rejuvenation

Electric is extremely effective way in weight loss! Electro stimulation uses electrical impulses at high and low frequencies to stimulate the nerve endings in the muscles, causing the contracting and relaxing of the muscles. This helps to tone muscle, build muscle, re-shape body contours and prevent flaccidity. By electro stimulation not only shape your figure, results in treating cellulite and body reshaping but also helps to some health problems: varicose veins, leg pain, muscle aches, etc.


A session consists of applying electro stimulation electrodes on the skin, supported by elastic bands. Electrotherapy device generates electrical impulses, the action is so deep. Intensity, duration, amplitude and frequency are adjustable, so electric stimulation allows custom programs. Electrode positioning is equally important. Depending on these variables, the electric stimulation can get relaxing massage, deep massage cellulite, and muscle growth, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Benefit figure by electro stimulation as follows: weight loss diet significantly increases efficiency, the skin regains elasticity and tone the skin of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms is smooth, shape muscles, fat melts. Electro stimulation also helps in circulation problems, eliminating varicose veins early and stopping the evolution of varicose veins in later stages and increases your overall tone and mood, increases physical comfort for electric stimulation and eliminates accumulated stress. A significant advantage of the body treatment by electro stimulation is that muscles are working deposit without your effort. In fact, 45 minutes of electro stimulation is about 4-5 hours of fitness. And, by electro stimulation, you can work all muscles simultaneously, or only by parts of the body.