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Thermage Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin and sub-skin problem stemming from multiple factors. The primary issue seems to be one of altered blood circulation and poor lymphatic drainage aggravated by the influences of hormones. Based on this, most treatments seek to improve circulation and improve lymphatic flow. Cellulite can happen to anyone, but most often affects women. It may become more apparent as you age or as your weight increases.

Thermage cellulite treatment is an alternative to surgery or liposuction. The machine generates heat which passes deep through your skin, hence melting the pockets of fat responsible for your dimple skin appearance. This reduces the fat deposits and the cellulite and ideal for peoples who have tried diet and exercise or even other cellulite treatments without success. Skin Cosmedical Beauty is one of few clinics in the Australia to offer the completely new Thermage CPT Treatment System. We don’t just offer treatments, rather we offer solutions customized to each patient’s specific needs, desires, expectations, and budget.


Thermage is the latest treatment for treating and reduces cellulite. Usually thought of as a skin tightening device, Thermage can also provide serious improvement for cellulite with just one treatment which depending on your area with cellulite, skin condition and natural aging process. With each touch of the Thermage device, you will experiences a brief sensation of deep warmth heating energy is delivered to the skin and underlying tissue. This deep heating sensation is an indication that collagen is reaching effective temperatures for tightening.

Through radio frequency heating of the skin in a very controlled manner, Thermage can reduce the appearance of cellulite and there is absolutely little to NO downtime with treatments.


Some results are visible and some instances immediately tighten existing collagen as well as continue to stimulate new natural collagen production for up to six months following the treatment. Results of Thermage may last for years depending on your skin condition and aging process.

As summary, the advantage of Thermage is not only work for eliminating cellulite, but also it rejuvenates sagging skin by tightening it and can increase the production of collagen which results in a more youthful look.