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Eclado Rejuven Moisturizing Filler Therapy 리쥬벤 물광 테라피

ECLADO is the cosmetic brand for beauty professionals with 20 years of heritage. We give our clients beauty confidence with glowing skin.

ECLADO allows people to experience amazing skin improvement not in salon clinic but also at home.

ECLADO R&D’s institution is always developing new ingredients to solve skin problem more safely and effectively.

ECLADO strives to provide our clients customised solutions with our patented ingredients and formula.

Rejuven Aminofibre & Ampoule System~Water Light Filler Therapy

Turns back time on aging with Eclado’s advanced technology Rejuven therapy gives glossy effect without injection. Poly gamma glutamic acid, which is 10 times more effective than hyaluronic acid, keeps skin moisturised for a long time and gives firming effect with rejuven facial therapy.