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Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair is nice when it’s on your head. When it’s on your legs, around your bikini line, under your arms and prickling away on your upper lip? Well… not so much.

Most of peoples have areas of unwanted hair and desire to have it removed. For men this could be area on the back, chest or facial hair. Some women also have areas of facial hair and this could be embarrassing. Whether your are looking to have smooth holiday looking legs or bikini line hair removal or looking to have a smooth masculine chest or have other areas of hair you wish to remove, We are provides the latest cutting edge, safe and effective laser technologies for hair removal and treatments performed by experienced, highly-qualified and industry-certified Laser Therapist. Staff members are extremely skilled and are accredited with professional training in procedures to ensure that our clients receive the most effective treatment.


Shaving, tweezing, creams or waxing are time consuming and temporary. Electrolysis can remove hair but is an extremely slow and painful method, sometimes which can results in scarring.

Long lasting results can now be obtained with laser hair removal and is a better alternative as small and large areas can be treated quickly and effectively, compared to other methods.

If you still have questions or/ and to learn if you’re a suitable candidate for treatment, then shall contact us, our professional and friendly consultants are always happy to discuss the treatments with you, either by phone, email or in person.