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Eclado C.P 50 Ampoule 2mlX20


Eclado C.P 50 Ampoule 2mlX20

$ 420.00 $ 390.00

A wrinkle-improvement functionality product that work well on the skin.



The three fundamental ingredients of ‘C.P50 Ampoule’
Contains mung bean callus
The fruit of skin science created by nature! It enhances the skin’s self-regenerating abilities by developing its natural strength.
Contains PEPTION-5 Complex
Contains five types of Peptides known as ‘Applicable Botox Ampoule’, to maintain sagging skin firm and healthy.
Contains Epidermal Growth Factor (E.G.F)
Remains on the surface of our skin and helps the skin to maintain its vitality and density for a long time.


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