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Gernetic Cold Cream Mousse 50ML

Gernetic Cold Cream Mousse 50ML

$ 159.00



Strengthen Sensitive Skin

Light as a feather and as soft as a caress, Cold Cream Mousse offers an exceptional sensorial experience. Rich in moisturising, nourishing and protective ingredients, the light foam texture is easily absorbed. Cold Cream Mousse strengthens the natural immunity of damaged skin and acts as a shield to protect the skin from external aggressors. The intensely nourishing properties of Cold Cream Mousse restore lipids to the skin in order to rebalance it. An ultra-sensorial cream, its airy, unctuous texture transforms into a silky cream when applied to the skin. It melts into the skin, leaving a protective film while soothing feelings of tightness and irritation. The result is superior comfort and skin that is supple and soft.


Soothing & Calming

All Skin Types



  • Suitable for fragile skin with an atopic tendency, suffering from intense dryness, irritation, redness, itching or flaking.
  • Home Use: Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and decolletage with light effleurages.


Key Ingredients

  • Squalane of biotechnological origin; a multi-functional sebum-like active ingredient as it is an exceptional moisturiser, softener and soother.
  • Helps limit water loss and restores suppleness and softness to the skin.
  • Beta Glucan of biotechnological origin; soothes irritation and strengthens the skin barrier. Relieves discomfort by calming itching.
  •  Small cushions of modified starch gorged with water, for a foamy and velvety texture.


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