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Gernetic Immuno 50ml

Gernetic Immuno 50ml

$ 119.00



Nutritive creamy mask that supports the regeneration of the basal cells and the healthy renewal of the epidermis cells.

Immuno is the most important mask in the Gernétic method.


Key Ingredients


Biological compound rich in amino acids and trace elements.
Amino acids: arginine, lysine, methionine and glutamine.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  1. Purifying, astringent and toning.
  2. Plays a role in restoring and regulating the skin functions.
  3. Encourages healthy turnover of skin cells.
  4. Nutritive, acts to regenerate the basal cells

Skin Conditions

Immuno is suitable for all skin types and is to be used on a weekly basis.

But avoid it on inflamed skin conditions like: eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.

In these cases Argini mask is the correct mask to use.



Immuno rejuvenates the basal cells, restores and regulates the skin functions, making it very effective to slow down the signs of the ageing process.

It is also purifying and astringent, which makes it ideal for oily or acne prone skins.


Usage Instructions

Once a Week

After cleansing your skin, apply 1/2 teaspoon of Immuno by light massage all over your face and neck. Leave for 10 minutes and remove with lukewarm water. Then carry on with your usual daily routine.

Few sprays of Mito Special Plus can be applied before Immuno mask to enhance response.

Immuno can be used by itself or blended fifty-fifty with Synchro to enhance rejuvenation.

Once you have achieved that healthy glow, you can alternate between Immuno and Hydra-Ger or Immuno and Marine Mask.






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