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Gernetic Mito Special Plus 20ml

Gernetic Mito Special Plus 20ml

$ 159.00



Energising Concentrate

Enhances epidermis regeneration by increasing cellular energy and activity.

Mito Special Plus boosts the regenerating process of damaged and aged skins.


Key Ingredients

Solanum Tuberosum providing purified vegetal glycoprotein of very small molecular weight.
Peptides from fibroblasts and tripeptides, glycyl, histidyl and lysine, that are fragments of the collagen chain.
Filtrate with stimulating cellular properties.
An expertly balanced blend of 8 essential amino acids.


Benefits of Key Ingredients
  1. Stimulates epidermal keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts.
  2. Induces regeneration and repair of skin tissues.
  3. Powerful cellular stimulators of collagen synthesis. Protect and repair epidermis.
  4. Increase of the mitochondrial metabolism (+142% in vitro).
  5. Stimulates the in vivo skin oxygen consumption.
  6. Boosts the cellular growth of fibroblasts.
  7. Reduces the effects of ageing skin.
  8. Revives lifeless, tired skin.
  9. Optimizes the health of the skin.


Skin Conditions

Skins of all ages that are free of irritation, inflammation or dermatitis.

It is also recommended for ageing skins, old scars and acne scars.


Mito Special Plus energizes the mitochondria, the cells’ “powerhouse”. It stimulates the cell functions and accelerates their rate of renewal.

Mito Special Plus also boosts the regenerating process of damaged and aged skins.


Usage Instructions


Can be used daily under Synchro in a course of one bottle, or weekly under Immuno Mask.

Spray some Mito Special Plus to areas that need regeneration or everywhere.

For maintenance, a course of one bottle a few times a year is recommended.

In case of old scars, one or two bottles should be sufficient.



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