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Gernetic Myo Myoso 30ml

Gernetic Myo Myoso 30ml

$ 104.00

Tightening cream that corrects skin sagging and re-sculptures the oval of the face.

Myo/Myoso provides nutritional elements that are essential for tight skin muscles.



Key Ingredients

  • Very active biological compound of proteins including cysteine, methionine, ornithine and leucine.
  • Vitamins A, C, H and B complex.
  • Phytostimulines obtained from plants: hazel, hop and wheat germ.
  • Avocado oil rich in essential fatty acid.

Benefits of Key Ingredients

  1. Provides nutritive molecules enhancing tightening of the subcutaneous muscles.
  2. Nutritive.
  3. Promotes a better elasticity of the connective tissues.
  4. Soothing and smoothing.

Skin Conditions

From 30 years of age to prevent and correct sagging of the subcutaneous muscles.


Myo/Myoso promotes firmness of the subcutaneous muscles.

Its active ingredients re-sculpture the oval of the face by bringing nutritional elements that are essential for tight skin muscles.

Usage Instructions


In the morning, apply Myo Myoso to the whole face including the eye and neck areas.

Follow with Synchro regenerating cream.



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