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Gernetic Nuclea Repairing Anti-age Cream 30ml

Gernetic Nuclea Repairing Anti-age Cream 30ml

$ 170.00

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Nucléa reduces the depth of wrinkles and scars. Its exceptional regenerating actions stimulate basal cellular activity, dramatically reducing the depth of wrinkles and scars.

Nucléa can also be used to reduce pigmentation relating to the ageing process and stop the spread of Vitiligo.
Nucléa is the ideal cream to use to slow down the ageing process and for rejuvenation.



NUCLEA Repairing Cream, discover its soothing, penetrating action leaving immediate feeling of freshness and comfort. Its exceptional regenerating effect stimulates cellular activity and reinforces the defense mechanisms of your skin.

Key Ingredients

Biological filtrates rich in proteins, peptides, and trace elements.
Skin repair factor containing 12 amino acids.
Vitamins A, C, E, H and B complex.
Calendula Oil.
Hypericum oil.Benefits of Key Ingredients
Stimulate DNA and accelerate cell division and growth.
Induce faster collagen renewal.
Activates the repairing action on damaged tissues, wrinkles and scars.
Regularizes melanin production.
Provides essential nutrients enhancing skin’s functions. Anti-oxidants.
Stimulates healthy tissue formation.
Healing, anti-irritating and moisturizing.
Alleviates a number of skin problems.
Healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
Antimicrobial, skin protecting action.

Skin Conditions
Damaged and prematurely aged skin.

Wrinkles, scars and pigmentation or de-pigmentation.

Ideal to prevent and to slow down the ageing process.

Age management cream, par excellence.

Repairing cream with exceptional regenerating properties. It dramatically reduces the depth of wrinkles and scars. Nucléa contains nutritional elements that are essential for cell division, cell growth and for the restoration of damaged or prematurely aged skins.

It regularizes pigmentation and de-pigmentation problems arising from a chaotic melanin production. It is also ideal for sun-damaged skins. Nucléa is healing and anti-inflammatory.

Usage Instructions

Nucléa is to be used in very small quantities over Synchro on areas that need more regeneration such as wrinkles, scars and pigmentation.

It can also be used all over the face, neck and eye area to prevent the ageing process.



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