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Gernetic Starter Pack

Gernetic Starter Pack

$ 150.00

Discover the benefits of Gernétic with our number one selling set.

Containing the essential Gernétic products to boost your skin’s natural health and wellbeing, you will be amazed by the results Gernétic will achieve.

Nothing else compares.




Glyco Cleansing Milk

A delicately textured cleansing milk, ideal for all skins, it dissolves make-up and removes surface impurities. Rich in glyco-proteins and essential oils, its soothing and hydrating action balances the skin’s pH and leaves the skin feeling clean, supple and refreshed.

Fibro Preparing Lotion

A fresh scented cleansing lotion to soothe, purify and tone the skin. Fibro is recommended for all skins, even on the most sensitive. This alcohol free lotion combines the perfect synergy of five plant extracts and amino acids to balance the skin’s pH, decongest and soothe the skin. Ideal for make-up removal.

Synchro Regenerating Cream

Synchro is a concentrated cream with unrivalled regenerating and healing powers. It is the one cream you cannot go without. It is at the very core of Gernétic’s research and philosophy.

Synchro’s cocktail of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and nurturing oils is designed to regenerate the epidermis cells. It has significant healing capabilities and it restores the natural skin’s defence system.

Synchro has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties that alleviate a number of skin problems.

Usage Instructions

Morning & Night

Apply Glyco Milk all over face and neck by light strokes. Remove with soft tissues or, if preferred, rinse with lukewarm water.

Complete the cleansing process by smoothing over with cotton pads dampened with Fibro Lotion

Apply a small amount of Synchro to the face, neck and decolletage, even around the eyes.


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