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Eyebrow Tattoo

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, they should be properly framed. Eye and brow decoration has a long-standing popularity. The Egyptians have the strongest history for eye makeup and eyebrow styles.

Eyebrow styles had some variations over the years, but keep returning to a more natural look. Trendy eyebrow styles come and go, then look dated, but a natural-looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing.

Keeping the eyebrow up in correct position with a slight playful arch maintain a youthful appearance. Sometimes small modifications are made to balance facial features and shape of face.


The tattoo might be weep a clear fluid (this is normal) for at least 1 hour, sometimes longer. Wipe them off with a gentle but firm press to remove the fluid. If it is not removed a crust or scab will build up.


  • Apply Cosmetic Tattoo Antiseptic Cream. Less, are best-excessive amounts will not give the best results. In fact, too much Cosmetic Tattoo Antiseptic Cream can produce a poor result and unevenness in the final colour.
  • Swelling is minimal with some clients, and will have disappeared within 24 hours.  In some cases it may last around the eye area for 3 days, but will not prevent working or socialising.
  • You will experience a slight tight feeling over and around the tattooed area; it can feel just a little tender.
  • A slight crusting may form, and between 3 – 14 days will start flaking off and it may take some colour with it.
  • The longevity of lighter colours chosen for cosmetic tattoos is substantially less than stronger darker pigments. In these lighter colours, a retouch of colour may be required more frequently, approximately every 15 months.

Individuals’ skin is different, so reaction and results may vary. If you have any concerns and queries or experience an unusual discomfort, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.